Web portal of contemporary music and art

contemporary-art-websitesIf you would like to know more about contemporary music and contemporary art, the internet is a nice source of informations.

About this kind of music, the first web portal to visit is hcmf.co.uk , which is full of infos about this type of music, with news and events relating to this year’s contemporary music events. This web site is related to british events and british informations.

On Rockol UK users can find informations about contemporary events, both music and art, all at the same time. Other than that, on this website you can find informations about theatre, film and dance. On the learning section is possible to find informations about how to take active part to public events, for privates, groups and schools.

For people loving “particular” contemporary music, on newmusicusa.org is possible to find, among the others, also informations about chinese music. Quite interesting is the Projects area, where is possible to obtain inspiration to prepare your own project of contemporary art. In this particular “field” of music on sacu.org website (SACU is the acronym of Society for Anglo – Chinese Understading) is possible to have informations about contemporary music on this amazing land. Musicfromchina.org is another website where is possible to know more about chinese music and artists.

As said, internet is a great source of informations about all fields of contemporary art, from music to dance, from theatre to films. Plus, on some video streaming website, such as youtube.com or vimeo.com , is possible to find out lots of videos about the contemporary music.